Insurance for Shipments

Insurance for Shipments by Sea, Road & Rail
We advise all our customers to arrange a marine insurance for their shipments. We not only arrange shipping insurance for goods in transit, but also in storage, depending on your requirements. Through our marine insurance brokerage knowledge and network, we aim to secure the best rates for you.

The final price of the shipping insurance (or premium), however, will also be determined by:

– The type of goods you are storing or shipping
– The value of the goods you are storing or shipping
– The port of origin, port of destination and final destination
– The type of shipping insurance policy you opt for.


All Risk Shipping Insurance
You can opt for shipping and marine shipping insurance written as ‘all risk’ insurance, which means your goods are covered from any physical loss or damage resulting from external causes (e.g. a vehicle crash, theft or natural disaster). In case of an accident, customers with this type of policy can receive the full declared value of goods, related transport and shipping charges.*


Standard Shipping Insurance
Standard shipping and marine shipping insurance also offers customers peace of mind and some (although lesser) protection for the cargo being shipped. It is important to read your insurance policy to ensure that your business would receive some compensation regardless of whether the goods are damaged by the freight forwarder, port contractors or any other third-party. It’s also important to check what the liability is.

We advise our customers to buy cargo, shipping or marine shipping insurance that guarantees full value compensation beyond liability, wherever possible.


* All policies have some exclusions.


If you would like more information on the insurances that we can offer you please contact us.



Protect yourself from the risk of cargo damage. Ozer Logistics procures cargo insurance certificates covering ocean, air and inland shipments as a freight forwarding service.
We are not an insurance broker, carrier or underwriter. Coverage is purchased through reputable brokers and is subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy arranged by that broker with an insurance carrier which is independent of Ozer Logistics. A copy of this policy is available upon request.
Ozer Logistics disclaims all warranties as to the adequacy and fitness of such coverage and any services provided to customers through the insurance company, broker or carrier.